Introducing the ReproNim Blog

ReproNim is a Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation. As a NIH/NIBIB Biomedical Technology Research Center (BTRC) P41, ReproNim seeks to solve the ‘last mile’ problem for actual utilization of the myriad neuroinformatics resources that have been developed, but not routinely used, in support of the publications of more reproducible neuroimaging science. More details for the overall program can be found at our website: ReproNim website.

With this blog, the ReproNim team hopes to bring ‘little stories’ (les petites histoires) to our readers that highlight issues and solutions in the ongoing quest for enhanced reproducibility in neuroimaging. Feel free to comment, contact us (email:, or otherwise engage with the effort to:

(Discover, Replicate, Innovate)Repeat 

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